Competition Structure

Please find here the Competition Structure for the 2019-2020 Season.


Initial Grading

Grading Revision #2

Grading Revision #3

More detailed information will be provided to your club secretary soon. All enquiries regarding the regrading MUST be lodged with your club secretary who will handle your initial questions.

2019-2020 Draw By Team

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Club Division Coach Draw
Arncliffe Scots 2 Aaron PETERSEN Download/View
  3 Phil GRUPPELAAR Download/View
  4 Wayne CRICH Download/View
  5 Nigel SELLER Download/View
  7 (ex 6) Laurie BARNES Download/View
  7 Andrew FIELDING Download/View
Bonnet Bay 2 Stephen ROSS Download/View
  3 John FENN Download/View
  7 Peter NOAKES Download/View
Canterbury 4 (ex 3) Kiho YUN Download/View
Comets Andrew HODGES Download/View
  2 Trevor GELDENHUIS Download/View
  3 Scott COLLINS Download/View
  7 (Gold) Marty MCDONALD Download/View
  7 (Royal) Scott TULLY Download/View
Cougars 3 Matthew KARAM Download/View
  5 Matthew MCGILL Download/View
  7 Mark COREY Download/View
Cronulla 1 Steven TOWNSEND Download/View
  3 Matthew SZALAY Download/View
  5 (ex 6) Tony VOSNAKIS Download/View
  7 Bill HARRIGAN Download/View
CS Academy 2 Darren CUMMINGS Download/View
East Hills 3 Matthew TARABAY Download/View
  4 Paul MUIR Download/View
  6 Jack LEE Download/View
Eastern Suburbs Juniors 4 (Red) Katsu YAMANAKA Download/View
  6 (Blue) Henry TWADDELL Download/View
Fairfield 3 (ex 2) Jose LARA Download/View
  6 Nathan WEST Download/View
Giants 4 Mark CRELLY Download/View
  6 (ex 5) Tony THOMAS Download/View
Illawong 1 Bill RICHARDSON Download/View
  4 Paul CHILDERS Download/View
  6 (ex 7) Stuart HITCHCOCK Download/View
St George Juniors 1 David CRABTREE Download/View
  2 Rob BUGGIE Download/View
  5 Craig CALDERON Download/View
  6 Kaitlyn BECCARIS Download/View
St John Bosco 1 Mike  PARKER Download/View
  2 Adam QUIGLEY Download/View
  4 (Navy) Rod HART Download/View
  4 (Sky) Will STEVENSON Download/View
  5 Kerry FIELDING  Download/View
  7 Scott INGWERSEN Download/View
St Pats 3 Jamie ROCHE Download/View
  5 Chris FABER Download/View
Team Korea 2 Jack KIM Download/View
Whittos Cubs 1 Michael IBBOTSON Download/View