Competition Structure

Please find here the Competition Structure for the 2018-2019 Season.


Initial Grading

Revised Grading (31st Aug) - 4 Additional Teams


More detailed information will be provided to your club secretary soon. All enquiries regarding the regrading MUST be lodged with your club secretary who will handle your initial questions.

2018-2019 Draw By Team

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Club Division Coach Draw
Arncliffe Scots 1 Aaron PETERSEN Download/View
  2 Kyle  SOUVLERIS Download/View
  3 Darren MOSS Download/View
  6 Nigel SELLER Download/View
  7 Andrew FIELDING Download/View
Bonnet Bay 2 Adam RUSSO Download/View
  4 John FENN Download/View
  7 Peter NOAKES Download/View
Canterbury 2 Tim MILLOTT Download/View
  3 Tae Min CHOI Download/View
  5 Seong Woo CHOI Download/View
Comets Andrew HODGES Download/View
  2 Trevor GELDENHUIS Download/View
  4 Scott COLLINS Download/View
  7 Paul SAMMUT Download/View
Cougars 4 Matthew MCGILL Download/View
  5 Matt BIBER Download/View
  7 Mark COREY Download/View
Cronulla 1 (Grey) Ryan  WEAVER Download/View
  1 (Blue) Milton GAYNOR Download/View
  2 Joshua TREE Download/View
  6 Bill HARRIGAN Download/View
CS Academy 3 Darren CUMMINGS Download/View
East Hills 2 Matthew TARABAY Download/View
  5 Peter KLAINIS Download/View
Eastern Suburbs Juniors 6 Henry TWADDELL Download/View
Fairfield 3 Jose LARA Download/View
  4 Matthew FEATON Download/View
  5 Cornell KANE Download/View
Giants 3 Matthew BONDIN Download/View
  6 Tony THOMAS Download/View
Illawong 4 Paul CHILDERS Download/View
  7 Stuart HITCHCOCK Download/View
St George Juniors 1 Rob BUGGIE Download/View
  3 Kaitlyn BECCARIS Download/View
  4 David  BECCARIS Download/View
  6 Craig CALDERON Download/View
St John Bosco 2 (Navy) Mike  PARKER Download/View
  2 (Sky) Adam QUIGLEY Download/View
  5 Rod HART Download/View
  6 Tash CUDDY Download/View
  7 Kerry FIELDING Download/View
St Pats 1 Jamie ROCHE Download/View
  5 Brett HANDLEY Download/View
Team ANK 3 Hyunuk KIM Download/View
Team Korea 2 Jack KIM Download/View
Whittos Cubs 1 Michael IBBOTSON Download/View